Telugu Association of Greater Chicago

2017 In-person Board Meeting - 10-22-2017

Meeting Day & Date:  Sunday, Oct 22, 2017
Start Time: 11:30 AM  End Time: 12.45 PM

Ramachandra Reddy Ade, Venkat Gonuganti, Sujatha Katta, Umarani    
Avadhutha, Satya Kondpalli, Ranga Reddy Lankala, Srinivas Kandru,  Ramu
Billakanti, Avinash Lattupalli, Vijay Bheeram, Vani Yatrintala , Sai Reddy
Gongati, Praveen Vemulapalli, Anji Reddy Kandimalla, Pradeep Reddy
Kandimalla, Jyothi Chinthalapani, Srinivas Chada

Absent: Mamatha Lankala, Swetha Janamanchi, Sapthagiri Sangem , Malathi Dhamaraju 

Meeting Agenda:
1.      Accomplishments /Lessons Learned/Improvements
2.      Diwali Updates
3.      Finance Updates
4.      2018 EC and Board Updates
5.      Q&A
Details on each agenda item:

1.      Accomplishments /Lessons Learned/Improvements
Food, Cultural, Sports, Bathukamma, Picnic events were planned,
coordinated and executed very good by corresponding team and team members
same time Media team advertised and promoted well in before and after the
event with media coverage. Overall 2017 events were good.
Lessons Learn/Improvements:
Lack of team work – Ramachandra Ade requested for more team work and participation

2.      Deepavali Updates
Food Team: Food items decided and ordered to CoolMirchi, planning arrange
two food stations start around 6 ish and close by 7pm or up to 7:30 PM
Tea/Snacks are available to purchase @ CoolMirchi food stall  (2:30 to 5
PM and 7:30 to 8:30 PM) . Uma requested for volunteer’s help for setting
up and serving the guests.
 Requested for Mic in dining hall for announcements
           Decoration Team: Ram Ade updated Decoration will be similar to
Ugadhi celebrations
  Cultural Team:
Total programs: 28 Total participates: 325   Start time : 1.00 PM
 End Time:5.00 PM    Sujatha requested for volunteers to help lining up
the participants
               Anup Rubens live music concert updates:
30 % seats were reserved for sponsors and BODs
Will start distributing unreserved tickets   from 4 PM at the venue on
event day Membership committee chair will keep updating BODS about the
count of reserved seat by members and available seats
3.      Finance Updates:
Current financial status provided by Treasurer Venkat Gonuganti
Based on current financials around $5000 dollars short for 2017 Live Music
Concert President Ade requested to help him in mobilizing funds.  $1000
dollars donated by Praveen Vemulapalli ($400), RangaReddy ($200), Srinivas
Kandru ($200), Ramu Billakani $200, Ade appreciated for their support/
Ade is working with sponsors to fulfill the shortage, requested to give
lead to potential sponsor
4.      2018 EC and Board Updates
            Ram Ade acted as Election officer and introduced New BODs
(2018-2020): Bindhu Goganti, Naveen Aduma, Dayakar Reddy Jale
Later called for the nominations for President Elect -2018, Secretary
(2018), Joint Secretary (2018), Treasurer (2018), Joint Treasurer (2018)
and EC members
Venkat Gunuganti and Ramu Billakanti shown interest for president elect,
after the discussions between them Venkat garu voluntarily supported Ramu
B and all the following BODs were elected unanimously     
                    E C -2018 :
1.      Position: President Elect :  Ram Billakanti
Proposed By Srinivas Reddy Chada
Seconded by Ranga Reddy Lankala
2.      Position: Secretary: Praveen Vemulapalli
Proposed By Srinivas Reddy Chada
                  Seconded by Satya Kondapalli
3.      Position: Treasurer : Mamatha Lankala
Proposed By Satya Kondapalli
Seconded by Vijay Beeram
4.      Position: Joint Secretary
Proposal: Vani Yatrintala
Select: Vani Yatrintala
Proposed By Ranga Reddy Lankala
Seconded by Umarani Avadhutha
5.      Position: Joint Treasurer :Vijay Beeram
Proposed By Srinivas Reddy Chada
Seconded by Venkat Gonuganti
Two EC members: Srinivas Reddy Chada & Venkat Gunuganti

Two non-voting youth EC members : Ishani Gutta & Lauket R Ade
Assigned Tasks:  BOD meeting 11/01/2017
Please let me or president know if you have any questions

Thanks & Regards

Sujatha Katta
Joint Secretary -2017

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