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2018 Board Kick-off meeting minutes


2018 TAGC events Kick-off Board Meeting Date - 11/12/2017
Meeting Location:  15 Ascot Lane Aurora, IL 60504
Meeting Scheduled Start Time: 11.00 AM
Meeting Actual Start Time: 11:10 AM
Meeting Scheduled End Time: .12:30 PM
Meeting Actual End Time: 12:45 PM
Quorum present? Yes
Roll Call
BOD's Present: Jyothi Chintalapani, Praveen Vemulapalli, Ramu Billakanti, Mamatha Lankala,Venkat Gunuganti,  Srinivas Chada, Vani Yetrintala, Vijay Beeram, Sujatha Katta,  Swetha Janamanchi, Bindhu Gongati, Srinivas Kandru, PanduRanga Reddy Lenkala, Anjireddy, Kandimalla, Sapthagiri Sangam(Sampath), Avinash Lattupalli, Satya Kondapalli, Dayakar Jale, Naveen Aduma, Ramachandra Reddy Ade (Non-voting BOD)
BOD's Not Present: Malathi Damaraju
2017 President's Closing StatementPresident (2017) Ramachandra Reddy Ade thanked all volunteers in his closing statement and expressed his lessons learned, requested all BODs to volunteer and support the organization for all future events as team. 
2017 Treasurer Report: Treasurer, Venkat Gunuganti, presented 2017 Treasury Report and summary of the 2017 expenses and balance. Handed over TAGC checkbook and other treasury belongings to 2018 Treasurer Mamatha Lankala as a symbolic gesture of transfer of authority.
He did mention that in 2017 we did not utilize any of reserve funds and a surplus amount is carried over to next year events.
2018 President’s Welcome Statement2018 President Jyothi Chintalapani acknowledged 2017 volunteers for their services and Welcomed all BODs and requested everyone’s support to work as a team in the best interest of the organization and requested all BODs to provide valuable suggestions to improvise our organization's goals and existing ways of execution.
2018 Committees Appointment: President (2018) Jyothi Chintalapani announced list of 2018 committees and committee Chair, Co-Chair.
President and senior board of directors answered the questions raised by newly appoint bods and old bods during the board meeting. 
Mr.Ade requested all the BODs (new & old) to read & understand our by-laws. Located at our website -
2018 Events Planning: Jyothi explained about upcoming planned events & budget for the first quarter of 2018 and requested the board to approve the budget for events.  
Sankranti (1-13-2018), Bowling (2-25-2018), Women's Day.
Team discussed conducting some events on Saturday instead of Sunday, especially sports events like volleyball and tennis etc..
Team discussed the events that interests youth and its planning 
Adjournment of Meeting: Proposed by Venkat Gunuganti and seconded by Anji Reddy Kandimalla
Finally, the day ended with a fantastic lunch party hosted by Chintalapani family 

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