Telugu Association of Greater Chicago

Board Meeting - Jan 07 2016

Telugu Association of Greater Chicago (TAGC) 

TAGC Board Meeting Date - 01/07/2016
Meeting Location:  Dial In
Meeting Scheduled Start Time: 7.30 PM
Meeting Actual Start Time: 7:30 PM
Meeting Scheduled End Time: 8.30 PM
Meeting Actual End Time: 8.29 PM

Quorum present? Yes

1. Roll Call
BOD's Present:
Pradeep Kandimalla, Srinivas Chada, Narender Chemarla, Hari Raini, Anji Kandimalla, Ramu Billakanti, Ram Chandra Ade, Sai Gongati, Venkat Guniganti, Praveen
Vemulapalli, KSN, Sujatha Katta, Dinakar Karumuri, Krishna Mushyam, Malathi Damaraju, Raghav Jatla, Vani Dittakavi, Uma Katiki

BOD's Not Present:
Vandana Reddy, Sujatha Appalaneni and Bhargavi Nettam

2. Cultural Update for Sankranthi
Sai Gongati provided the cultural update that there are 36 programs planned with close to 280 participants

3. Food Update
Narender Chemarla provided update that the food committee explored various vendor options and mostly likely Temple will cater food for the Sankranthi event. This will be confirmed after the Food Committee meeting scheduled on Monday (01/11/2016)

4. Membership Update
Board approved the motion proposed by Narender Chemarla and seconded by Venkat Guniganti for the following changes Individual Membership fee to be raised from $40 to $50
Term Membership shall be removed
Life Membership fee to be decreased to $1000
3% Credit Card Convenience fee shall be removed only for membership registrations.

BOD's made a valuable suggestions to increase life memberships which shalll further be discussed in the next in-person BOD meeting.

5. Sports Update
Praveen Vemulapalli updated about the probable three sports events planning (Bowling, Ping-Pong, and Badminton) before the end of April, 2016

6. 2016 Treasurer update
Srinivas Chada updated that Hari provided all the reports for 2015 and the begining amount for 2016 is 4505 dollars.

7. ATA Co-ordination update
Srinivas Chada updated that he sent an email to ATA President regarding ATA's $10,000 commitment to TAGC and ATA events plan so TAGC can collaborate. We are still awaiting for a response from ATA.

8. Women’s Day
Pradeep Kandimalla provided an update that the venue of Women’s Day event scheduled for 03/05/16 will be finalized in couple of weeks.

Adjournment of Meeting was proposed by KSN and seconded by Ram Ade

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