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cap donation guidelines

Guidelines to Transfer Funds Through CAP :

Membership to Telugu Association of Greater Chicago is preferred to transfer funds via Community Advancement Projects (CAP). Non Members have to pay an additional fee of $ 50 for each transaction

TAGC Membership Information
  • If you are a member, please provide TAGC membership information in the CAP application form.
How to become a TAGC member?
  • Read the TAGC member benefits information using the link:
  • Fill in the application online to become a new member (if you are not already a member)
Why do you need to be a TAGC Member?
  • Read the TAGC member benefits information using the link:
I am not a TAGC member now. Can I still send money to India through CAP
  • Yes, by paying the additional transaction fee.
I would like to Help or Sponsor or Support a NEW or Existing Charitable Organization in India or USA. How do I do it through CAP.
  • By completing and sending the TAGC/CAP Application form with all the information with a check made out to TAGC /CAP. or Contact any of the CAP members by sending an email request to :
How long will it take for the funds to reach the recipient?
  • Once the check is deposited and cleared, within a week, the funds will be transferred to the recipient's bank account.
Are donations made through CAP tax exempt in USA?
  • Yes, all contributions through CAP are tax-deductible in USA.
  • Donations through 'TAGC /CAP' are also eligible for company matching contributions.
How are the funds sent to the non-profit organization requested by me?

The money is transferred via WIRE TRANSFER to the organization's bank account the details of which are provided by you in the application, at the conversion rate given by SBI on the day of the transfer

For information to be provided for helping the charity / non-profit organization of your choice, please collect the following information to be included in the TAGC /CAP Application:
  • Name of the organization (recipient), whom you would like to support
  • The following details of that non-profit organization :
    • Registration number of the non-profit organization
    • Address and Phone number
    • Mission Statement and charity work they have done and are presently doing
    • Any brochures or information pamphlets, if available
    • Details of valid permit to receive foreign funds, if any
    • Bank Name ,address, branch code and account number, swift code etc.
  • Recipients website link
Can we pay the donations through credit card?

Currently, automated donations through credit card(s) are not possible for transferring money through CAP


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