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Focus Areas

  • Improve leadership skills & organization capabilities among the younger generation
  • Improve community service culture and mindset among both kids and adults
  • Actively organize community events
  • Actively organize TAGC events

*Volunteering activities/hours may be considered for college applications.

Youth Club

Focus Areas
  • Participate in youth activities.
  • Participate in community events.
  • Build team spirit and leadership skills in youth.
  • Adminission Councling with ProfessionalsIn
  • Improving group discussions and presentation skills
  • Anyone who is not part of Youth committee
  • Admission into the youth club is at the discretion of the youth committee advisors. Kids age will be taken into consideration when approving nomination.

Upcoming activities

Community Service Volunteering at charities and hospitals in the Chicago area
Youth day Activities focused towards personal and academic development
Mentoring Sessions Mentoring facilitation among kids and with adults which will help prepare for future
Entertainment/Tournaments Sports tournaments & Entertainment activities specific to kids are in works.

Youth Committee Advisors

Prashanth Kumar - Chair
Venkat Gunuganti - Adviser

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