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what is cap ?
  • TAGC Community Advancement Projects (CAP) also called as TAGC Development Foundation(TDF) was established several years ago is part of TAGC and has been serving Telugu people.
  • CAP has been instrumental in undertaking several charitable and non-profit projects especially in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.
  • Several of the undertaken projects are done by the individual NRI members who channel the needed money through CAP.
  • TAGC being a non-profit organization, utilizing CAP to pay for charitable or other similar projects in India provides tax advantage in United States.
  • A number of not able projects have been sponsored over the years through CAP and those include Vijay Foundation Trust in Kadapa, Guthikonda Sreeramulu Education Institutions in Nellore, Padmanayaka Dharani Welfare fund in Mahaboobnagar. We work with all FCRA approved NGO's.
  • Vijay foundation for example was started in 1992 by ten friends with a modest aim of taking care of few orphaned children through Aarti home which currently is a home for over 63 children of varying ages. Vijay foundation today also impacts more than ten thousand under privileged women and children by promoting child welfare, providing education and scholarships, managing juvenile home, providing vocational training for women and other activities.
  • For additional information on how to participate and work in India through CAP you may send an email to or contact any of the CAP office bearers.


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