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cats faqs
  1. Who is eligible for TAGC-CATS group?
  2. Any adult with positive mind to serve or be part of our Chicagoland Telugu community Senior Citizens is eligible

  3. Do we need any membership to participate in TAGC-CATS programs?
  4. Yes. To attend the events, a person should be either life member or term member or annual member to TAGC. Non-members can also attend but pay an entry fee which will be decided based on the cost of the event.

  5. I am a life member. Am I eligible for attending and participate?
  6. Absolutely, yes.

  7. How do I receive communications about our TAGC-CATS events?
  8. You should provide an email address to or make a special request to to notify you via phone. Please note TAGC is not responsible for any missing communication. We suggest that you keep in touch with few of your co CATS members to remind you. We usually give at least 2 weeks notice for any gatherings or events unless any unforeseen situations happen.

  9. How many gatherings/events does this group may have per year?
  10. Based on the member interest and registartions, we will plan 3 to 4 events per year 2016.

  11. How is this group related to other TAGC members or memberships?
  12. All sub groups are part of TAGC and all taxes, insurance and other things are covered as a part of TAGC administrative functions.

  13. Who will pay for this TAGC-CATS group expenses?
  14. Once we establish a Chair, Co Chair and few committee members, this group will have some allocated budget in proportion with funds collected. The CATS team can then plan appropriate activities which will suit the interests of Senior Citizens.

  15. How frequent will the gatherings happen?
  16. This depends on the participation and interest from this group but TAGC plans to have at least one gathering/event per quarter.

  17. Will the membership for single or Family?
  18. Both. Family membership will include wife, husband and up to two minor grandchildren. Single membership is also available from TAGC.

  19. Can anyone outside of Telugu speaking people can join?
  20. Absolutely, as long as they take the annual membership.

  21. Will you let Visiting Parents from India to join this group?
  22. Absolutely yes as long as they have Family membership.

  23. Can anyone join for one event ONLY?
  24. Yes certain amount of entry fee will be charged depending on type of event.

  25. Does TAGC provides any help to this group other than gatherings?
  26. Yes, TAGC highly respects our Seniors and stands for any type of possible help anytime and one phone call away.

  27. Will TAGC conduct any other Seniors related activities outside from this group?
  28. TAGC-CATS members are allowed to any TAGC event with no restriction and in-fact TAGC encourages your participation


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